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Our business philosophy focuses on using respectful and persistent informational "understanding comes before the solution is developed" strategy. We first gain a better grasp of the needs, challenges and problems facing you and your customers today before we develop a plan to move forward.

The initial focus is on fact-finding and information gathering using an intelligent, yet simple process. This proven process consistently uncovers key points in your operation where improvements will translate to a high impact and an immediate effect on actually sales figures and profitability. This also ensures a high return on your investment.

Bruce Carter Master NLP, Trainer and Managing Director of Edge Telesales has been in Telemarketing and Telesales management for over 15 years. Edge Telesales specialises in working with businesses-who sell, lead generate or set appointments over the phone.

Each client he works with gets practical, time-tested, easy-to-learn and use, customer-oriented techniques, ideas and processes or sales call training,

He works with many companies each year, helping them to learn how to get more business over the phone. Bruce provides sensible, how-to ideas and processes that help salespeople use the phone more effectively to cold call, prospect, sell and service accounts, without fear and rejection.

Bruce advisers and delivers hands-on sales training workshops to companies worldwide including in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Asia, England and the USA.