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Our Services

At Edge Telesales we can look at the whole of your telephone sales operation from the outside and uncover critical points in your system where key improvements will translate into a high impact and an immediate effect on actual sales figures and profits.

Some of the Key areas we can help you with

  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Managing databases
  • Maintaining Peak Selling States
  • Building focus and intensity into the selling process.
  • Creating commitment towards results
  • Developing sales skills
  • Finding customer buying motivates.
  • Building relevance of product or service to prospect
  • Managing time between calls
  • Maintaining high call rates
  • Presenting over the phone
  • Rewarding and compensating sales reps
  • Finding and hiring staff
  • Daily motivating and recogisating

..And accelerating your Sales Results

Some of the training sessions available that are designed to reach the selling potential of individuals and build strong habits that deliver results everyday.
  • Basic Training

  • Advanced Training

  • Develop a Powerful and effective Script

  • Deliver Impact and influence with your Presentation Skills

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